Harun who is an innovative creative director has founded Simurg Communication Arts Studio in 2005. His creative nature and 12 years’ experience delivers compelling, effective communications through advertising, photography and art production. His design perspective is clean and sophisticated. He believes that in order to be effective, an  art piece must first entice a viewer to want to look further and then gradually unfold the information. He enjoys playing with colors, images and typography in creative ways, but believes that the transmitting the message properly is the most important factor of a design. Harun brings his vast experience, education and commitment to excellence to every aspect of his unique work.
Prior to founding Simurg Communication Arts he worked for ‘Yazievi Communication Services’ and a Washington Dc based Ad agency  ‘RockCreek Strategic Marketing’ as an art director. He created numerous Ad projects for many respected multi-national companies such as Pfizer, New York State Department, Blood Bank International, Carnegie, US Government, Ministry of Culture of Turkey, Levick, World Bank, Tureks, Gama and so forth.
Harun recieved MA in Eastern Studies from Seljuk University.







Art's background is in strong executive and management positions. He has been President of several multi-national companies, Vice Chairman of one, and on the Board of Directors on others. His experience covers a wide array of businesses such as advertising, cosmetics, paper, furniture, technology, sports, medical, etc. He has lectured on sales, sales management, motivation, and general business practices. Arthur's diverse combination of communication skills and problem-solving abilities in print, web and multimedia design enables him to organize complex information sets into easily understood components. For him, marketing strategy is results-driven and simple:  to quantifiably predict what an audience expects, then go one step further. Arthur is the director of Simurg's marketing team.







Zeynep serves for Simurg Communication Arts as a design director and scriptwriter. After several years working as a copywriter in Istanbul, she moved to Washington Dc where she studied her MA and worked as a freelance writer. She has been a copywriter for over six years and a photography editor for almost a decade. She is committed to increasing awareness around sustainable business practices, helping the environment and supporting the local community.  Zeynep has earned her BA at University of Portsmouth and her MA at George Washington University.











As a design/communications professional with 9+ years of experience, Phill has created print, multimedia, presentations and web sites for Simurg creative team. With skill sets ranging from design to writing to project management, Phill brings an understanding of that every element necessary for creation of compelling creative work.