Good branding is an accumulation of quality information

Simurg Communication Arts has the creative power to deliver a full suite of services that best propel your brand, services and products. Good branding is an accumulation of quality information, a sound strategy and a unique visual brand identity. We will delve into our expertise and knowledge to establish a brand intelligence platform, which serves as a roadmap for a strong communication strategy.
A Strong corporate identity is created through the proper use of visual elements, which define and represent what your organization stands for. Words and images work together to transform a corporate paradigm into a memorable connection with your target market. Integrated into every aspect of your marketing communication, an identity starts with a logo and a positioning statement and grows into an array of other guidelines and standards that define the usage of any element connected with the name.
Strong corporate identity, combined with a host of other corporate communications media, attract more clients and customers, win their trust, and increase brand awareness.